ultimi giorni d'estate

8 settembre. girare l'angolo e trovare la luce giusta.

It is a peculiar sensation. You perceive that something is coming to an end. The end of summer has this particular scent in it, where you feel that a new beginning is at the door, waiting patiently while you enjoy the warm air and don’t really want it to finish. You know that in nine months or so you will have your beloved summer back, with its bright and long days and the fragrance of flowers and fruits growing on the trees under which you would take long naps, and still you are unable to let it go. Autumn will come, anyway. and I’m quite sure you - well, I - will enjoy it the same way. As winter and spring, as usual. By the way, the end of this summer 2012 has a very special meaning to me. It means moving to another city, this time a really big one as Milano is, and beginning a new life doing what I always dreamt of in these last two years. Which is awesome and scary at the same time. ahhh!

Stavolta ho fatto copiaincolla dal post di tumblr e sono troppo pigra per ripetere ciò che ho già scritto in italiano. Per alcune cose la forma inglese è davvero adatta, soprattutto per quelle melense!!


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